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Let's make this much less complicated

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Mar. 3rd, 2013 | 12:48 pm
location: homesweethome
mood: empathetic
music: sage francis

Let's make this much less complicated.  I know about her - you know that I do - so let's save ourselves the trouble.  I want to fuck you regardless.  I can be just as stoic.  Watch my twitch-less lips form your name while you do that thing you know I love.  Tomorrow you'll be sitting in some five star restaurant with her, laughing to be polite and drinking the strongest whiskey there to forget the moment as quickly as possible.  I'll be thinking of the deep conversations that we continue in your darkened bedroom every time you sneak me in.  You may now consider yourself a notch in my bedpost.

I'd tell you a secret but the shift in your stare changed my mind.  You must get by so easily with that stare.  It's your eyes.

I get awkward around you.  
I get angry.

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